The Harmful Advocate (HPA) Programme is a pioneering initiative developed by Asian Women's Resource Centre (AWRC) to equip practitioners with specialised knowledge and skills, essential for navigating challenges associated with harmful practices. Rooted in Black Feminist perspective and intersectional approach, the Programme strives to carve a unique role for Harmful Practice Advocates within the Black and Minority services working in the 'ending VAWG' sector.

Course Highlights

Length of Course: 12 workshops in a 3 month period

  • In-Depth Understanding: A thorough understanding of harmful practices
  • Legal and Ethical Frameworks: An exploration of legal and ethical frameworks surrounding harmful practices
  • Effective Prevention Strategies: Identification of proactive strategies, approaches, and best practices for preventing harmful practices in safeguarding and risk management
  • Crisis Management: Development of additional technical skills and knowledge to effectively manage and respond to situations involving harmful practices
  • Case Studies and Practical Insights: Practical insights through shadowing experiences, workshops and case study discussions

Course Expectations

  • Develop expertise as a Harmful Practice Advocate
  • Understand the contextual impact of oppression and systemic inequality
  • Improve intersectional analysis and responses to harmful practice
  • Expand knowledge on various harmful practices
  • Enhance specialist practice skills for individual and sector-wide impact

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